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  • A Chinese satellite searching for missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 has found what it is calling a 'suspected crash area at sea' – with officials releasing images of what they describe as three 'large, floating, objects' in the South China Sea.
    This is coming on the fifth day of the search for the Boeing 777 and seems to corroborate the testimony of a New Zealand oil worker who claims to have witnessed the crash of the missing airplane early on Saturday morning.
    It is also in the original search area under the flight’s original search path and appears to discount the theory that the aircraft turned back towards Malaysia and crashed hundreds of miles away on the other side of the Malaysian peninsula.

  • The satellite captured the images on March 9 - the day after the crash - but they were only released on Wednesday.
  • Though the Chinese have not confirmed they have found wreckage from the plane, the US Navy will be deploying two navy vessels to the area
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